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YurOTS Classic 7.6 - Server Rules

Server Rules

YurOTS.pl is an open tibia server where players from all over world meet daily. To keep this game fun and fair for everyone we appoints gamemasters who have the power to stop destructive attitudes in the game or on the official website, penalizing, banning or deleting characters and accounts.

To report a Player breaking the server rules, log in via Tracker and fill out the report.

In this way, YurOTS.pl considers the following actions prohibited:

I - Names

a) Offensive Name
Names related to sex and / or drugs, or containing insults and / or racism.
b) Invalid Format
Names with meaningless letter and / or phrase combinations.
c) Inappropriate Name
Names that run away from the medieval theme of YurOTS.pl, or that contain illegal advertisements.
d) Name Referring to Official Positions or Violation of Rules
Names related to the administration of YurOTS.pl, or that encourage violation of the rules.

II - Messages and Statements

a) Offenses
Insulting, racist, sex and/or drug-related statements, among others, primarily on the Game-Chat channel.
b) Spam
Repeat the same word or sentence several times in public channels or in the Default channel, except in the Trade Channel.
c) Illegal Ads
Ads from other servers, websites, games or any content not related to YurOTS.pl.
d) Encouraging Rule Violation
Statements that cite or encourage violation of the rules.

III - Cheating

a) Bug abuse
Exploit any bug in the game to your benefit. If you find any errors, they must be reported immediately.
b) Abuse of Game Weaknesses
Intentionally abusing game weaknesses.
c) Unofficial Programs
Use any macro or program that automates the characters actions (Cave Bot).
The exception is the player's presence during the GM control.
d) Hacking
Trying to steal another players account.

IV - Gamemasters

a) Threatening a Gamemaster
Threaten or offend any gamemaster because of your actions.
b) Pretending to have Influence in the Enforcement of the Rules
Pretending to be a gamemaster or trying to influence your decisions.
c) False Report
Purposely sending fictitious or erroneous information to a gamemaster, with the purpose of harming him.

V - Donations (Website Shop)

a) Server donations are voluntary.
b) The player who made the donation is not exempt from not following the rules of the server.
c) YurOTS.pl administration does not grant refunds of donations made.
d) Using donor status to enforce the rules against players may result in loss of account and purchased items.

Any attitude that is not mentioned in the rules above, but that is analyzed and considered harmful to the game by any member of the YurOTS.pl will be enforced.
Violating any of the above rules may result in a ban or even deletion of the player's account.

These rules may change at any time. Any changes will be communicated.
YurOTS.pl reserves the right to close the server at any time without any notifications.
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